About Us

Prepare to be enlightened!

Just kidding (probably). We are two women in our 20s, living in two different countries, writing one blog together. This is our way of exchanging ideas about a variety of topics including femininity, tradition and culture, with a bit of psychology thrown in here and there. It’s also a way for us to keep in touch, documenting our thoughts, lives and adventures. We hope you’ll consider staying for a while.   

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Norwegian. Christian. Married. I have a degree in psychology and a passion for all things creative & scientific. Might be considered weird, I know. Currently, I work as a milieu therapist with children at a primary school in Norway. When I am not at work I read too many books, my husband says I have a problem. Want to talk politics? Me too, I love good conversations. However, not that many people feel comfortable with them anymore as I am a conservative (hide your children, quick). Sorry, could not help myself. I am on a personal journey with my husband searching for a way to live a more traditional life in this modern world.


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British. Agnostic. In a relationship. I also have a degree in psychology – that’s actually how we both met! Politically speaking, I’m a recovering lefty (one of the pierced, feminist, vegan, ‘you can’t be racist to white people’ types). After finding the man I never thought I’d find and ‘swallowing the red pill’, as they put it, I’ve been drifting over to the right side of the political spectrum. Whilst exploring ideas I’d previously turned my nose up at with new eyes, I found myself falling for the type of traditional femininity that my old feminist agenda and tomboy-ish nature had forced me to repress.

Still feeling curious? See our ‘Who, What & Why?’ post for more information about why we’re running the blog.