Who, what & why?

Good questions. Here are some answers:

WHAT – Well, it’s a blog… Sorry, we suffer from a thing called sarcasm. There should be a support group. Let’s continue. This is indeed a blog, where we plan to discuss femininity, traditionalism, culture, faith, and more, with a little psychology thrown in for good measure. It’s all well and good having an opinion, but ideas hold much more weight if they’re informed by science, which is what we’ll try to do (although sometimes we might just want a good old-fashioned rant)! This is our humble attempt to explore the femininity and traditionalism that appears to have been lost in our present-day third-wave feminist society. Yup – we’re two women in our twenties who created a lifestyle blog. But maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised – especially if you’re fed up with the mainstream alternatives (hands up if you’re sick and tired of the degeneracy that is Cosmopolitan magazine). We hope we’ll become your new guilty pleasure.

WHO – Let’s be on a first name basis. You can call us Frøya & Faye. …I never said these were our real names – for the sake of full disclosure, they’re not. We just feel like we can be more honest about our thoughts and lives if we remain anonymous. Everything besides our names will be true (but what is even truth? Oh, you see this is why we need a blog, we have so many things talk about). Want to know more about us as individuals? Check out our “About Us” page if you’re curious.

WHY – Because we both have a deep need to explore, write, and share. This blog is a way for us to work on a project together that we’re passionate about and learn more about each other through our writing, since we live in different countries.


– Frøya & Faye.

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